Me – Summer look?

August 2, 2009 at 10:55 am (Uncategorized) ()

Mia Rose e Lourenço com Paulo Sousa Costa

I went to a Vitamin Water event and my “look” was chosen by CARAS magazine! Now im part of a competition called “look of summer!” ahah. Well if you’re interested in voting go to -> Here and vote for me! 🙂

Or if you’re portuguese send a text to 3360 and type in CARAS 9 – send!

Just for fun! xx




  1. psb foto said,

    Voted for you M~
    Good Luck!!

  2. bero said,

    i sure vote For u..
    all da best..

  3. Veruska said,

    yey! you have a blog! 😀
    Eu vou postar o link dele no meu site e pedir para votarem também. 🙂

    beijos grandes mia!


  4. Caroline Rosa-Morgan said,

    That is definitely a Summer look, wish I can wear those clothes right now.. Immma freezing my brains off down here.

    Eu votei voce!


  5. Webdawson said,


  6. Micael Esteves said,

    Sim , estilo verão ! é mesma pena nao ter saldo no telemóvel senão enviava 100 sms para 3360 escrito CARAS 9 ^^ Beijocas de um fã teu !

  7. Emelie said,

    You have a blog, yes! 🙂

    Sweet pict 🙂


  8. unknownone said,

    You are undoubtedly beautiful. x

  9. Helle said,

    HI. i’m a girl from denmark. I herd you music on you tube.. you’e great..

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