Me on Sic!

August 4, 2009 at 5:52 pm (Uncategorized) ()


Sang my single “Let Go” a couple of hours ago. It went great! The sun was shining and the crowd was awesome. As soon as I can, I’ll get the footage edited etc… and upload it for you all to see it 🙂



Click Here to watch the tv footage of it!



  1. Mia said,

    estavas tão bonita, Mia. ^^

  2. Stacey said,

    Cant wait to see it :):)

  3. Fahim said,

    So not fair.. I wanted to be there 😥

    I’m missing out on so much..

    I want peanut butter lol

    Love ya Mia ❤

  4. Gonçalo said,

    Mia estiveste espectacularmente bem!
    Adoro ver te cantar, passo horas no teu canal do youtube.

    És espectacular **

  5. Carolina Rosa-Morgan said,

    I watched a video of your performance, Loved every bit of it..




  6. Priscila Ueno said,

    Mia , sou bralieira mas vi vc pela Sic internacional, estava linda como sempre e sua voz é perfeita! Espero um show seu no Brasil!

  7. Rebeca said,

    Mia, were you really playing the guitar?
    I couldn’t tell..

    Let Go is such a pretty song. Especially the bridge!
    But the only thing I don’t like is that you say damn, I hope it won’t be something you’ll be doing in your album- cussing. You’re too pretty to cuss, in fact, no one should abuse langauge like that.

    anyways, AWESOME job : )

  8. Joana Oliveira said,

    Ola Mia Rosa ..

    Queria saber como posso adquirir um cd teu ?!

    Adoro as tuas musicas e fazem-me pensar muito =)

    Bjinhos e Felicidades

  9. andrewwang001 said,

    Hi Mia,

    One thing, I have recently got to learn a song and got to sing it so well. It is a song from High School Musical 2 called “Bet On It” sang by Zac Efron.

    Do you know about Zac Efron?

    In the beginning of the song, when I sang it the last time, I thought of you because the phrase “Let Go” is in the first section of the song. I thought of the song “Let Go” that you wrote.

    Here’s that line:
    “Did you ever let go, did you ever not know”

    Sometimes, I get that line flip flopped as:
    “Did you ever not know, did you ever let go”

    It’s a cool song. That song holds a story line behind it, it is “Don’t give up until you reach your goal”

    Andrew Wang

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