Will YOU be there?

August 5, 2009 at 6:36 pm (Uncategorized) ()

rock one

Tomorrow, the 6th of August 2009 at 20:30 I will be on the stage of  the “Rock One” festival in Portimão and I hope to see YOU there!!!




  1. Fahim said,

    I’m gonna cry if everyone doesn’t stop going on about the Rock One event.
    Will this be filmed?
    If so, I can’t wait to get a glimpse of it.

    Have a great time Mia 😉

  2. William Lillah said,

    hey umm please get back mia your my best singer and im making a website for you hope you enjoy

  3. damnP said,

    i will! 😀

  4. Jo said,

    OMG Mia ! 🙂
    Just saw that BETHANY JOY LENZ left you a comment on Twitter !
    You really should answer to her !



  5. Jo said,

    OMG Mia !
    BETHANY JOY LENZ sent you a message on Twitter,go see it !!!


    See you at Rock One hopefully 🙂

  6. Ana said,

    That’s true,go see it !
    I’m so excited for you ! 🙂

  7. Ana said,

    Go at bjgofficial on Twitter or click on my name 😉

  8. Glauco said,

    Aah e quando virá fazer um show aqui no Brasil? 8)
    Beeijo ;*

  9. Ana said,

    Eu vi, eu vi 😀
    É realmente uma pena a tão má organização. Felizmente todos os convidados foram excelentes ;D

    Beijo, Mia

  10. Emilie said,

    eu nao vi porque vivo em Francia.Mas vejo a video. Felizmente.
    Beijinhos Mia

  11. Troy said,

    Hi Mia,

    You look so beautiful. In some of these photos, you kind of look like Vanessa Hudgens, the actress who played Gabriella Montez in the 3 film series of High School Musical. I figured it out after getting a chance to watch High School Musical 2, then I nicknamed myself Troy Bolton.
    Also, you sound like Vanessa Hudgens as well when you sing.

    Andrew Wang

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