Win a day out in London with me!

October 18, 2009 at 6:20 pm (Uncategorized)

Spend the day with me in London

Spend the day with me in London

I’ve decided to run a little competition. Next Sunday I will be spending the whole day with 5 of my fans seeing the sites of London, and with lunch at one of my favourite restaurants. And you never know I may even bring my guitar along and play you a few songs!

To stand a chance of winning the competition I need you to tell me in less than 500 words what your perfect day out in London with me would consist of. I want to know where we would visit and why, which restaurant we would go to for lunch and what we’d eat, and if I was to bring my guitar along what songs would you like me to play?

You need to post up your answer into the comment box below, and don’t forget to give me your email address.

However, to enter you will need to be 18 or over…

…but don’t be disappointed if you are not yet 18 as I have a special competition for you coming up in the next few weeks, so keep checking back to my blog.

The five best entries posted to the leave a comment box (below) for this post on my blog will be picked by me to spend the day with me and  four other new friends next Sunday.

All entries must be in by 12pm on Wednesday 21st of October, so you better get your skates on win. The lucky 5 winners will be notified by email on Thursday 22nd of October.

If you are lucky enough to be one of the winners you will need to cover your own costs of getting to London (and also to get home!). However, the rest of the day won’t cost you a thing, including all the places we’ll visit and a lovely lunch at one of my favourite restaurants (although you might want to bring along a bit of spending money to really enjoy the day out).

The whole day will be filmed and I’ll be uploading all the footage for everyone else to see how much fun we all had! Exciting!!”

So get a move on you have only three days to send in your entry

xx M



  1. bobbyxavier said,

    If I, Bobby Xavier, were to spend the day with Mia in London, we would visit the British Museum and gaze on ancient Egyptian relics. Then I would amaze Mia by telling her about my visit to Cairo where I stayed for many months and rattle off charming Arabic phrases in the Egyptian dialect. After that, we’d go find a pub for an afternoon beer, where I would proceed to inform the waiter (or anyone else who would listen) how much better the beer is in Rochester, New York, especially J.W. Dundees Honey Brown. By that time people might be throwing fish and chips at us, so we’d escape down to the “Tube,” London’s famous subway system. We wouldn’t take a train though, we’d hang out in the station and Mia would sing while I did some freestyle hip-hop. WORD! Inspired by our performance, we’d then go see the street performers at Covent Garden and do some street dancing to the sounds of street musicians. Then we’d wander over to the National Portrait Gallery and ask the staff why they don’t have any Americans featured, especially the works of Bobby Xavier. When they looked at us puzzled, we’d act like they don’t know anything about art. Finally, we’d finish our epic day by going to the Tower of London and interrupt public tours of the famous site by making ghost sounds:

    Tour guide: “And now to our left, we have the -”

    Bobby & Mia: “Wuuuuuuu, waaaAAAA!”

    Tour guide: “Excuse me, do you two have a question?”

    Bobby: “No…”

    Tour guide: “Fine then. Let’s continue… To our left we have-”

    Bobby: “Haaaamleeeeet, I am THY faaaaaathhhheeeeer!”

    Mia: (laughs) Hamlet took place in Denmark, Bobby.

    Bobby: I know, Hamlet’s father’s ghost is just visiting.

    Tour guide: Security!!!

    So that’s my day with Mia Rose in London! It’d be epic, no?

    Best regards,

  2. djdecrypt said,

    Yo yo Mia Rose
    I would like to be chose
    Excuse my grammar
    Sometimes I stammer
    Cuz I ain’t good at prose

    First I’d take you to the Thames
    With a guy named James
    We’d do a dance
    Cuz he’s from France
    And then I’d MAKE IT RAIN

    Next up to Big Ben
    Where we’d sit and grin
    Before being evicted
    For looking suspicious
    Oops, I did it again!

    Then to Madame Toussauds
    Where we’d dress as two broads
    Though being a man
    This is a bad plan
    So I’d probably get punched in the jaw

    Afterward, we’d take a nap
    And travel to Paris and back
    And though it’d be great
    I guess I must state
    That per T&C, it’s not on the map

    So I guess that my offer has failed
    And I hope that I won’t be jailed
    For being so bold
    While out on parole
    But I’m glad you read your email!

    See you shortly 🙂

  3. nitroy2k said,

    Nice idea Mia.. You get 5 starts for this amazing idea..
    2 bad i live farrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr away from London 🙂
    Like in a story behind 7 sees and 7 mountains 😉 and at least 70 cities 🙂 maybe 700 😉
    If you ever get to Serbia maybe i will post an a tour idea 🙂
    I hope you have a nice weekend with fans..

  4. cozzed said,

    Hey Mia,
    If i was able to hang out with you i would love to go camden first, i love its uniqueness and the million different types of people you get to see there. The market is so fun and i love buying random accessories that no one else is likely to have! I would then go to covent garden as its so pretty. It has this little shop called “cyper candy” which is awesome for getting treats from all over the world for example China and USA. Then i would go take pictures with the funny people dressed in gold that stand still ! they are soo cool! hahha. Next i would walk to the river and take amazing pictures with the london eye and other pretty sites in the background! After thatttttt i think a boat ride would be so fun becuase you get to see all the cool sites and its the best feeling having the cold wind blow past! thats true english weather there. Around 5pm we should head over to Piccadilly circus, there is a great cocktail bar called B@1 and from 5 to 7 its “happy hour” buy one get one free, the cocktails are so so yummy !!!! I love them all hhahaha. I think leicester square would be great in the evening, everyone is out and its the best place to catch a musical show, i would go to a show where everyone knew the words and could sing along! its the perfect end to a day out with friends ! And i hope you agree ! its the best! So anyway that would be my amazing day out in london!!!! i hope you like it, my name is Connie and im 19 years old. My email is Thanks for reading Mia xxxxxx love ya xxxxx

  5. cozzed said,

    p.s I would loveeee for you too sing any jason mraz or avril lavigne songs as they are both my favourite, but also it would be soo funn to sing Mamma mia songs all together hahha everyone will stare at us but it would be so hilarious! hey maybe mamma mia the musical would be the show to see in the evening haha 🙂 x

    • andrewwang001 said,


      Are you Connie from the video of the day out on London w/ mia?

      Since you mentioned Musical, I’m a great fan of High School Musical and wonder if you know about High School Musical.


  6. pipo90 said,

    hey Mia!
    If I were to spend a day in London with you, first of all, I’d take you a present from Cascais, where I live. Maybe some sacolinha stuff, don’t know, it’s a surprise! During the afternoon I’d love to go and see the Astoria Studio! It’s in a houseboat on the river Thames, west of London. Pink Floyd’s two most recent albums were recorded there. I’m a huge fan, and I thought you would enjoy it, and probably record something for fun as well! After that, there’s a few things we could do. Visit Camden Market, which you have probably seen already. We could try going to the Hillingdon’s Annual Street Festival 2009 in Uxbridge, where we can see the classic cars being driven by celebrities such as Snoop Dog and Mariah Carey as they cruise by or watch singing stars of the future battle it out in front of a judging panel to win a chance of professional industry. Or even something more original, we could go to Radio Broadcasting Workshops which will be taking place in GINGLIK RECORDS. Radio broadcasting will be held by Choice FM’s Lucy Ambache. There we can also try out acting and film workshops led by Blood Diamond’s David Harewood and Eastenders’ Tracy-Ann. Towards the end of the day, I would take you to Fortnum & Mason, situated right in the heart of Piccadilly, serving the best teas and snacks of London, where we could hopefully get a “Chá de Camomilla” along with some scones or “palmiers”! Afterwards, for Dinner, we would head to The Brickhouse restaurant. A new chic London restaurant set in the iconic Old Truman Brewery in the East End’s Brick Lane. This restaurant pairs modern British cuisine with some eye popping shows, meaning we would dine a tasty dish of pork belly with shallot tart and apple purée, or a special menu available for vegetarians, accompanied by a glass of wine, whilst listening to live music, or even some dancing or magic shows. Who knows after our meal, you could sing something for the crowd, I bet they would enjoy it as much as I enjoy listening to you singing! If we still had time, I would take you out to the nightclub Fabric, with one of the best line ups in London Town!
    I would really enjoy spending a day with you in London. I would show you some places around London, and hopefully you could also show me the places you most like. I would really enjoy seeing your recording studio, and where you filmed “Let go”. I have been supporting you since the beginning, I have seen you Live in Alcantra Café and in the Algarve, and I would really want this opportunity to happen. Hope you enjoy the plans I have for “a day with you in London”. Hope everything’s ok with you, hope to see you soon. Big Kiss from cascais (HOME) =)

    • pipo90 said,

      forgot to mention, If you were to take your guitar, I would relly like for you to play the song “Crush” and “Never on Your Own”. My two favourite songs, which have helped me to move on from past things that have happened. Those two songs are very meaningful, but Never on Your Own is particulary special, since it’s an original from you.
      Much Love,

  7. pipo90 said,

    oh, and my email is!

  8. dremixpro said,

    Hello my Names Andre but everyone calls me Dre I’m 18 years old and currently doing music technology at college in Manchester UK.I hopefully want to become a successful Music producer/songwriter and have been following your success on you tube but enough about me

    If I WAS YOUR TOUR GUDIE for 1day in London hmm…

    Well first we get sweets and candy n drinks keep are energy for the day and mints for after the meal (got to come prepared).
    Then would go do some sight seeing go on the London tour (see the London eye see Big Ben see Buckingham palace etc) this would so can learn something new about London.
    Followed by a little shopping in West end (IM a TRAINER KING have 30+ pairs ha-ha) so would take you to best shoe stores.
    We would eat at the best chicken restaurant in the whole of the UK NANDOS!!!! (In my opinion) because I think everyone like chicken right?
    Then take a boat trip on the River Thames so can see London at night see the lights and would kindly ask you if you would play “falling for you” because this is the song the gave me the confidence to write this and enter competition only get one life so I may as well take a chance I guess, hope to see you if not good luck with single and future!

    My email:

    Thank you for reading

  9. alejandrocaro said,

    The perfect day in London would be able to visit and see all the places that I offer, then stop wonderful and unforgettable moments together.
    Upon arrival, be greeted by a warm embrace of the people who know me and loves me. I wish I could enjoy the goodies that the city has both its natural and architectural beauty, to find as are constructions. Among the buildings would choose National Gallery, it is fascinating place to explore ancient paintings but no less interesting or the museum of natural history and natural wealth that has very antique, amazing, interesting and rewarding to learn their clubs. Also drive past for Buckingham Palace, royal residence, since it has a glittering with amazing architecture and facade paints. After touring the city, lunch in a restaurant like the Bellenden Basseri as it is a nice restaurant, is very attractive and offers delicious dishes for tastings with pleasure as the fish and chips or take away. And for dessert, ask for an apple pie or crumble. At night, go out dancing at a nightclub to hear good music like Ministry of Sound because has a wonderful moments as they happen and to know oneself so as to another.
    Excite me very much and I love that I sung nunca me esqueci de ti and Lawrence are my favourite songs.

    My e-mail:
    I’m older than 18 years old, I’m 21 years

  10. martita012 said,

    Hi MIAA!! Im from Spain, Im 22 years old. First of all… sorry! Im not very good writting in english,!!! sorry about all the mistakes you are going to find in this!! I have seen your last video , congratulations!!! is perfect!!! I know you since you post your first videos, I love all your songs , I love your voice, I love the way you play the guitar….
    I never send you anithing but I think this is a very good oportunity to try to meet you! so… I have been to England 5 years ago, I dont know any restaurant o place we could go.. but!!! If I were one of the 5 persons who win this… I love to spend the day singing (I love singing too!!) taking photographs… and laughing a lot!!! this could be very funny! Sing with you would be a dream come true for me!! The cost of getting to London is not a problem with me… I have some money jeje

    Anyway…. If I am not one of the winners, I hope all of you hace a very nice day!!!

    This is one of my videos on youtube (me singing)

    Thanks for your music!!!! XXX!!!!

  11. rasko34 said,

    Hey Mia, My name is Oscar Benben I’m a 24 years old french man, and I’ve just added you on facebook but I’m actually following your great performances on youtube for years now… anyway. I just came back from London where I went with my brother to see the Chicago Bulls Utah Jazz NBA game which is a very brotherhood game for us since 1998!!! It was amazing!

    But as usual in London people goes to do some touristic same stuff and I would like for my next trip to do something really different in there, most like going with you to see what’s london life!!! How people leave in there, not just getting stuck in those monuments and famous places! So all day long will be a thematic One with Water Air and soil :-))))

    Huge and tasty Breakfast: sweet place with eggs and bacon + french croissants of course 😀

    Water Morning: I would like to carry you first to visit those famous places but from a boat view!!!! I would really enjoy to share a boat tour sightseeing of London with you enjoying monuments from the sea side and stop the boat to have a duo acoustic session with you just in front of tower bridge on the boat ! let’s see how my fender can tuned your gibson hummingbird 😉 This will be on the morning.

    On the afternoon we will have a lunch in a pizzeria or a kebab as globalization is on the way!!!!! hahaha no I’m kidding, I will let you choose the place where we’re gonna go to eat and as a good french romantic I will choose the evening one 😉

    Air afternoon: Later on afternoon we can see London but this time in the Air from the Big Wheel located on the other side of Big Ben in Westminster If I remember well… I don’t really like altitude in those kind of engines so I’ll have to face my fears with you hehehe

    After the Big Wheel: Shopping Time! I’m not that kind of guy that dislike shopping… I like very much and we will have fun wearing tipical english style clothes and taking pictures 😉 hey maybe you could try men’s clothes and I’ll try women ones hahaha

    Then we could go to north london by bikes that we have rent before, just to enjoy riding on the “wrong side” of the road (as england is riding on the left) where are located the best of the night london traditional pubs and where people are “strange” they say! It makes me wanna discover their particularities! in camden town especially enjoying some english beers and local special tastes .

    In the End, I know a cute Restaurent not too expensive that seems very local and familiar, you really feel like penetrating in someone’s house intimity and you can really enjoy a dish like english people eat usualy in their habbits.. smething like a small house with a lot of different meals and tastes…

    Hopefully my daily experience will touch you!

    Otherwise, anyway, you will see that it’s an amazing city… C ya on Facebook!

    Big Hugs

  12. brokerii said,

    I forgot, my email is

  13. kailas255 said,

    So the concept of the Monopoly Game, visiting every street in London as you come
    to it on the Monopoly board and stop for a drink sound like a laugh until
    you realise that its about 26 pints and maybe not such a great idea for a day out
    with your fans… so, guessing you’ve been to a lot of the main attractions of london already; my perfect day around london with you would begin with a visit to the Tate Modern Art Gallery on the river front located right next to Shakespeares Globe Theatre. Lunch would be on The Lotus floating chinese restaurant in theLondon Docklands area. After lunch we’d take the tube and head to Leicester Square to see where all the film premieres take place but more importantly check out the portrait artists, really incredible people. A trip to Wembley Arena might be in order as England is very passionate about their nation side and the atmosphere is buzzing when there is a game on. I would like to show you a special football game that takes place every couple of years called “England vs The World,” a friendly football match between all manner of celebrities for charity. Then a visit to the Icebar, a bar made almost entirely of ice, cups, tables, the lot. As the evening draws on Head down to Covent Gardens and check out some of the street acts and maybe you’d like to play a few of your songs and steal the show…


  14. m6r0 said,

    Hi Mia!

    I would take you anywhere you’d like! But! since you’d like ME to take you this time… I would love to take you to the Regent park for a little picnic where we can eat sandwiches prepared by me 🙂 (hahaha) and watch one of the open air plays there. (this idea though, we might want to wait when the weather gets warmer, sorry :)) but the main event is this! I would take you outside of london, to this place called Hamstead (no worries, not too far from london) hoping someday, you could perform at Kenwood house in one of the future summer concerts. I would kind of leave you alone for a moment there because I want you to kind of imagine yourself being on the stage and just to see yourself out there in front of the huge crowd. 🙂 anyway, there is this ice cream store on the way, we could stop by too. 🙂 can’t remember the name right now. 😦

    take me baby!!! 🙂

  15. tonkking said,

    I am an idiot!

    I hope no one else sees these comments, I just realize what i wrote and I am SOOOOOOOO embarrassed!! What was i smoking! I am more then sure i was still intoxicated from the previous night! Please disqualify me, as i did not follow the rules, and for being so crazy and personal with my comments! I’m a grown man, and i should never go public with such crazy thoughts!!! And if friends and family ever saw what i wrote, i would have to move to London too but not for the same reason!!!!

    Ps. Thank you for being so awesome and keep it up! Still your biggest fan, unless you go whacko and shave your head!



  16. sweetestthingss said,

    Hey Mia my name is Ximena and I want to be a professional cake decorator in the future (check me at Anyways enough of me and more about you. I love your mousic and the way you sing it is awesome the talent you have. If i was in London i would take you to get a mani -pedi, hair style to start the off fresh and new. Later on we would go to one of the finest restaurants and then to one of the best dessert cafe. I would take you exploring all around London and take you to see the best place there. Then after a long day I would end it with us in our pj’s watching a supper awesome movie ( romantic or funny).. We would definitely have popcorn ice cream . it would be an honor if i was picked.. love always ximena keep going girl you are gonna get far..

    • sweetestthingss said,

      oh and my adresse is

      • sweetestthingss said,

        you could play any song you wanted to cuz all the ones u play r lovely and i wouldn’t know which one to pick from. Pasta would be what we would eat cuz it just so delicious and dessert cuz desserts in Europe are amazing. You know it a girl thing to watch romantic movie with popcorn and ice cream in pj’s..

  17. andrewwang001 said,

    A perfect day in London would be just to go out and visit several museums, parks, etc. If we do go to the park, we can have a picnic or so. One of the best I could ever imagine would be to pretend like we are High School Musical characters where I be Troy and you be Gabriella. I’m not quite sure of which restaurant would we go to eat out at. If you were to bring your guitar along, you can probably play and sing “When There was Me and You” from High School Musical 1, or if I were to also sing you can play the songs “You are the Music in Me” and “Gotta go my Own Way” from High School Musical 2 where I can sing some parts of the song with you since these songs were sang by Troy and Gabriella. Apparently I’m not in London, but I would be interested.
    Also, we can probably even try singing the song “Everyday” from High School Musical 2 and have all the fans join in to sing at the end like how they did in the actual film.
    Basically, I think a perfect day with you in London would just be to go anywhere around and be like High School Musical characters Troy and Gabriella.
    Go Wildcats!
    What team? – Wildcats!

    • Troy said,

      Also, if you actually listen to Vanessa Hudgens sing, you may find that you both have similar voices. In my opinion, I think you and Vanessa Hudgens both sound alike when singing and both of you also have really good voices.

    • Troy said,

      Forgot to mention to notify me at my email address

  18. andrewwang001 said,

    You are the Music in Me:

    When there was Me and You:

    • andrewwang001 said,

      These probably go in a different comments set

    • Troy said,

      Those links that I posted are just for to listen to the songs that I indicated in my comment.

    • Troy said,

      HSM1 – When There was Me and You (Gabriella)

      Verse 1:
      It’s funny when you find yourself
      Looking from the outside,
      I’m standing here but all I want
      Is to be over there.
      Why did I let myself believe
      Miracles could happen,
      Cause now I have to pretend
      That I don’t really care.

      I thought you were my fairytale
      A dream when I’m not sleeping,
      A wish upon a star
      That’s coming true!
      But everybody else could tell
      That I confused my feelings with the truth
      When there was me and you.

      Verse 2:
      I swore I knew the melody
      That I heard you singing,
      And when you smiled
      You made me feel
      Like I could sing along.
      But then you went and changed the words
      Now my heart is empty,
      I’m only left with used-to-be’s, and
      Once upon a song.

      Now I know you’re not a fairytale
      And dreams were meant for sleeping,
      And wishes on a star
      Just don’t come true!
      Cause now even I can tell
      That I confused my feelings with the truth
      Cause I liked the view,
      When there was me and you.

      I can’t believe that
      I could be so blind,
      It’s like you were floating
      While I was falling
      And I didn’t mind.

      Cause I liked the view
      Thought you felt it too
      When there was me and you.

  19. andrewwang001 said,

    I couldn’t find the best music video for the song “Gotta go my Own Way”. I’m sorry.

  20. romantic88 said,

    I have an even better idea. How about you come spend the day with me in whichever state you want in the United States. Just name the state (New York? D.C.? Vegas? Hollywood? Whatever comes up to your mind) and I’ll take care of everything up from your round trip ticket, hotel night(s), transportation, and meals.

    Let me know if you’re interested 😉 looking forward for hosting you princess ~;{@

    My email:

    • andrewwang001 said,

      I don’t know how likely would she plan to come to the United States. I think she could sometime visit the Los Angeles area, maybe so.

  21. plasticpaige said,

    hey mia. as you have just come to london i think you should see the best. and see all the best places. so i think it would be a grate idear to jump onto a Sightseeing Tour bus. witch drives around lovely parts of london and you get to see london from the top of the bus and there will be someone on the bus speaking telling you about all the places you will see there is not a better way to get to no london. and there are loads of lovely parks in london so it would be lovely to sit down at get to no everybody and listen to you play! personly i would love you to sing a few of your own songs because i love them your lyrics are so true and i just love them “friends in love” “untill you arrive” and “let go” are the ones i love the most. i also love country song’s and i think you would sing them lovely maybe “angel” by sarah mclachlan would be a good chioce of something by carrie underwood. i dont no what food you like but i think Jamie’s italian is a new lovely place and i would have to have spaghetti bolognese, pasta or pizza as they are all my fav things to have! there is loads to see in london at the sightseeing bus shows you all! and when we are of the bus we can walk around and have lots of fun!! it would be lovely to meet you and to talk more about you music! i am a big fan of you and your music! take care and with luck i’ll hear from you soon!

    love, Paige.


    • andrewwang001 said,

      Hi Paige,

      Were you Paige who got to spend the day in London with Mia?

      I have a friend named Gabriella who went to London last Summer and went on the London Eye.

      She is more luckier than me that she got to go to London.

      Andrew Wang

  22. miarosefanblog said,

    im not 18 but i want to coment anyway 😉
    (im 12) A perfect day out would be-eeee hmmm well first of all i would ask you were you would like to go 🙂 and also ask you what your favourite food but i think its sushi! mabey go to the cinima or something no no wait the london eye the london eye is really cool! And for lunch well im vegetarian 😉 but anyway im iv not got much time on the computer(my mum dosent like me on it to much!!!!) and for singing i like it when you sing freinds in love!!(i wached the video on youtube) but i also like let go!!
    Anyway im sad that i cant come!!!!!!!!!!!! 😦 but i hope you have a nice time
    and by the way my name is William
    lots hugs and kisses and all that stuff
    william xxxxxxx

  23. miarosefanblog said,

    oh and can i make a fan site for you?

  24. Antonio said,

    Oh, hello. I’ve sort of stumbled upon this by accident; I’d recorded a cover of myself doing Missing You, and stuck it on YouTube (here, actually… when I saw your version. Sweet!

    Anyway, a day in London, right? Well, if it’s a Sunday, let’s not start too early, and take it easy in the East. There’s a really nice cafe just up from the flower market on Columbia Road – Little Georgia (this one… – that’d be perfect for a late breakfast.

    Then a wander down through aforementioned flower market, and the accompanying little shops. It really is a bit pleasant round there. After that, it makes sense to head down Brick Lane, windowshopping, and stop in at that ukelele shop on Hanbury Street ( – maybe pick up a cavaquinho. That puts us right by Spitalfields Market, which is pretty cool. Plenty of vintage and retro stalls, that sort of thing.

    Probably about time we grabbed some lunch; Rosa’s back on Hanbury Street does amazing Thai. Then to the Commercial Tavern for a drink or two? Or maybe Lounge Lover up the road, if we’re feeling decadent.

    Oh, and my friend Kal runs a really popular acoustic night up at the World’s End in Finsbury Park on a Sunday evening (We Love Sundays…, so let’s head up that way. The food ain’t bad, either, if we’re hungry later on. Might be able to do a set each, if we get there early enough and ask nicely. And there’d still be plenty of time left to catch the last tube home, too.

  25. bitterromance said,

    A day in London. I have never been to London and have always wanted to go see the sites, go shopping, pretty much a day out of my comfort zone. You seem to be a very down to earth girl like myself, and hanging out and having a blast would be an awesome day. I wouldnt mind doing nothing in London, just being there would be amazing. We could visit historic landmarks, talk about music, get to know eachother. Spend a nice relaxing day enjoying the sites and maybe a spa, that would be awesome. Then putting on our blue suede shoes, ha not a very good reference to a song, and have a wild unforgettable night in London. I couldnt really suggest things without knowing you, but I can imagine your like me. I’m usually not very spontaneous, so this trip would be all about getting out of my familiar comfort zone and doing things I have never done, in a beautiful city with a very talented young singer. On my own time I do karaoke and I love to sing, I am learning how to play the guitar, but I’m sad to say I’m not good at all haha. So you could bring your guitar with you on our little adventure and we could both sing, not very good at that either but I will try my very best, and I dont get embarrassed easily. My name is Shannon by the way, I’m an 18 year old Canadian, Eh! Thought I’d throw that in there. I’m hoping this is a good enough post and doesnt bore you half to death, and i get picked. 🙂
    Thanks for hearing me out.

  26. milou95310 said,

    if i had the chance to visit London with you, maybe we would visit madame tussauds museum because i think that it could be funny to strike the pose near stars and hope that one day you will be too in this museum as a great singer ( even if you are already great to me 🙂 ). In france we have the musée grévin which is like madame tussauds in some ways . I’ve never been to London but i always dreamt to go there one day and if it was to meet you it would be very great:) . we could lunch in a french restaurant or i could bring you some food from france like cheese of course but also one of my favourite dessert which is from the Basque Country which is their black cherry cake 🙂 if you bring your guitar i would like to hear “sera” and ” what would christmas be like” which makes me smile each time i listen it:) i would like you to sing the music that YOU prefer. If you come one day in paris , i would be honored to spend one day with you 🙂



  27. pipzzz said,

    Maria preciso de falar urgentemente consigo, gostava que me resposde se o mais depressa posivel.. Decidi ser diferente e preparar uma coisa gira e original, mas para mostrar vos tenho que mandar para um email que possa ver, podia me mandar o email, acredite que será um trabalho diferente e que deu imenso gozo de o fazer, gostava que o visse! se puder responda me.

    • pipzzz said,

      Bem como nao sabia para onde mandar, arranjei uma alternativa, esta no youtube, a qualidade baixou mas pelo menos assim poderei mostrar!

      Como não conheço londres, e achei que assim seria um trabalho diferente, espero que gostem, e mais que tudo que se divirtam a ver!

      (gostava de ter uma resposta acerca deste video)

      xx beijinho

  28. chanouno1 said,

    Hey Mia! =D

    So if we were to go out around London, the first place I would take you is to The Trocadero in Piccadilly Circus… it’s just this massive arcade that is SO much fun! … It’s brilliant. I have a great time whenever I go with my friends or even with my younger brother who has an amazing time playing on all the games.

    I’d also take you to the Tate Modern Art Museum and spend some time looking at all of the art work on display… and then from there we’ll walk across the millenium [AKA the wobbly bridge] to St Paul’s Cathedral and we can buy lunch at this restaurant/sandwich bar called ‘Pauls’… they do the most amazing sandwiches and pastries and things… and we can sit either on the stairs of St Paul’s Cathedral or even in St Paul’s Cathedral garden.

    Last but not least… if you were to bring your guitar along I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to hear you sing songs by Taylor Swift or Carrie Underwood? They’re my absolute favourite country singers… especially Taylor Swift!! =D

    I hope this wasn’t more than 500 words =/ …
    but… WELCOME TO LONDON! I hope you have a brilliant time here… and good luck with adjusting to the weather here! xD


  29. evantyler14 said,

    I’d say checking out the Natural History Museum or the National Gallery. I mean come on…You don’t get a chance to see that kind of stuff everyday and both are world renown and equally beautiful to the eye. Or maybe do something on the London River. As far as eating…I’m not the kinda guy for fancy restaurants. I think a cafe like The Photographers Gallery or Ray’s Jazz Cafe. And if you have your gutiar with you then I am sure as heck bringing mine…haha And if in England, could it be any more fitting than to play a few Beatles songs? But I’d want you to play “Friends In Love” and “Just Us” because they were written amazingly, and if you are lucky, I’ll play one of my songs for you…I’m about being silly and having fun though…being young forever haha but when i need a break i’ll be on the sofa playing guitar or watchin tv. Peace!

  30. alexa0089 said,

    Hi Mia!
    I saw this completely by coincidence. I live close to London and would enjoy spending the day with you there 🙂
    So, what would a perfect day in London be like… Since you are relatively new to the city we could go sight-seeing along the river Thames. The nicest way to do that is to take one of the river cruises. From there you can see Westminster, the London Eye, the Tower Bridge and much more..all in one go without having to do any walking! 🙂
    We could also go on the London Eye and have a walk on the south banks if the weather is good. Otherwise the aquarium right next to the Eye is a really nice place to visit as well!
    If you want to go shopping Oxford street would be a good choice. Close to Oxford street is an amazing little street in which every shop is a guitar shop. Its one of my favorite places in London! haha
    For lunch we could go to a pretty Italien restaurant near Leicaster Square or have chinese in China Town 🙂
    If you bring your guitar (are you sure u want to carry it with you all day?!) it would be cool if you could sing cannonball and definitely one of your own songs as well. Falling for you sounds really good too! Im not so sure about all this high school musical stuff… but i’ll tolerate it as well 😀 haha
    I hope that was enough! So maybe see you on Sunday!

  31. pipzzz said,

  32. samos2009 said,

    I’m so happy you’ve moved to London! I’ve followed you from your early video days and now you’re finally in London! I’ve even got your own song on my iPod! haha. London is such a big place and so you’d need more than a day to explore it, but if I was to be a tour guide for you then a definite is lunch in Covent Gardens, it’s so alive, there’s musicians busking, markets going on, shops, ice cream stalls, outdoor Italian restaurants – theirs often a show of some sort going on around there as well! I’ve been loads of times and it just feels so rejuvenating, at ease and definitely a place to enjoy a good dinner. That’s lunch sorted! As for exploring London itself, the London Eye is definitely somewhere we should go, the views from the top, on a clear day you can see for miles and miles across London! Fascinating! We should also take a tube down to Leicester square and have a walk about, go see around the sights are brilliant.

    Failing this, if you’re partial to the odd scare, the London Bridge Experience is awesome but very scary, I’ll post a link for you to have a look. Going from place to place wouldn’t be too much bother, the London tubes are efficient.

    I’d adore to spend a day talking about your music, your carer and loads of other stuff, and more importantly show you that moving to London will not only push you that step forward with your music, but there’s so much more than meets the eye.

    Really hope to hear from you Mia!


  33. simeong said,

    Hi Mia!
    I have never been to London, nor do I know much about it. I would do some research if I had more time. And as much as I would love to spend a day in London with you, it’s just too far away and too expensive to get there, so even if you pick me, I can’t go. I’m really sorry! I’ll still write you a response though, because you’re awesome. lol
    So, in London I would probably like to spend a pretty British day. You know, eat British food, go to British places… I don’t want to go to London and end up eating in an Italian restaurant and going to an amusement park, you know? I’m sorry if your favorite restaurant isn’t a British restaurant. lol As far as places we’d go, I would probably go to a tourist center or whatever and get a map of London with all the sights on it, and then decide from there. But I do know of Shakespeare’s Globe, and I would love to see a play there. And of course I’d like to see the Palace of Westminster.
    If you were to bring your guitar, I would love it if you sang Nelly Furtado’s I’m Like a bird, Bryan Adams’s Heaven, and Kelly Clarkson’s My Life would suck without you, and maybe also Mia Rose’s Let Go! lol. I know you haven’t done a cover of My life would suck without you, but it’s an awesome song and I would love it if you did.
    By the way, I bought your single today and I’m listening to it right now! I also want to thank you for adding me as a friend on facebook!
    All the best, Mia, and good luck with everything!
    Your biggest fan,

  34. daniel77ne said,

    Our perfect day in London would begin in Greenwich just before dawn. We would witness the sunrise and despite early hours this would be a great moment for You to sing a song of Your choice, which You could later upload on Youtube.
    We would spend a couple of hours in Greenwich admiring places such as the Riverfront, Greenwich Park and Greenwich Mean Time before we left for our next destination.

    Next on the agenda would be Ripley’s Believe It or Not. Any place offering so many original and amazing exhibits guarantees an adventure. Time would just fly by and laughs would be like overflowing waterfalls. So…a few hours there for sure.

    As I am English and Polish we would go to the Tatra Restaurant for lunch(possibly dinner depending on how caught up we’d get in Ripley’s Believe It or Not) and we would order pierogi washed down with whatever You would like…well, I would have some orange juice as it is my favourite drink.

    After our meal we would travel to Richmond Park. That would be the ideal place to completely unwind. It would also be the perfect place for You to sing some songs. This time round You would probably like a request and if I had to choose a song or songs for You to sing they would be Bon Jovi’s “Make a Memory”, Aerosmith’s “I don’t want to miss a thing” and “This is me” from the film Camp Rock. I am sure You would add a uniqueness to all those songs. However, to be honest my real choice would be whatever songs are closest to Your heart.
    Oh, and as extra audience I would arrange(somehow) for all the deer to come and listen to You sing.

    The evening would be taken up by bowling, pool and air hockey. Those games are so enjoyable I am sure we’d spend quite a lot of time there too.

    Just before midnight we would ride to the top of the London Eye and admire London by night from way up there. All the lights, neon signs and aluminous sights would just be the icing on the cake. We would just take in the beauty and reflect somewhat on all the events and joy the day brought.

    That is how we would call it a day.

  35. damianstefan said,

    Dream day with…

    At the beginning I will say that my English is not perfect because I am a Pole;)

    Hello Mia!

    very difficult for me to describe it,
    because one day is very little time to spend it with such a wonderful person like you.
    I would certainly go with you to some quiet place with nice climate, maybe coffe?
    I think that we would have many common themes.
    I would look into your eyes. That is precisely the I.
    Sometimes the eyes say more than the same person.:)
    I play the guitar, I write and sing ( read…), I try to sing…;)
    Maybe together we have created a cool song? Hehe;) it’s just my dreams …
    I love the photos. do, watch and everything related to them.
    I would like to do some photos of you, so for the memory 🙂
    I love sushi, I know you too, next great excuse to spend more time with you! hehe! ;D
    I love your music, songs, text, melodies. However, it is something which makes it
    for a moment forget about all the gray reality, this is your voice.
    Absolutely not afraid to say that (Remember these words!) this is as the most beautiful voice I heard in my life!.
    Why? Can not answer, is like a drug, addictive, and the world under its influence appears to be quite different.
    I dream one day to hear you live, but this is only a dream, everyone has them…
    Title of the song “Me nunca mesqueci de ti” in your performance that caused fell in love with Portugal, country,
    language, music and people
    because I could meet you and learn more about you.
    Fortunately, a meeting with you is now possible, and that is why I write 😉
    For some time I write things like, the lyrics for
    my friends, poems, recently started to write a book.
    I do not know of another person than you, who can write so much!
    I could write without interruption, but Gmail has a mailbox odborczą only a few gigabytes;)
    Rather, I will not be one of five lucky, but very you please answer sometimes.
    I believe that once you find a moment of time for me; D
    Really would like to meet you!

    Do what you do, and never ever stop, because you do it perfectly.

    my email:

    I warmly greet!.:) Damian

  36. mousers21 said,

    Haha, I don’t know anything about London so every place will seem cool to me. If we’re going to eat at your favorite place, we might as well go to some well known spots and have a few drinks. Then again, for a Sunday I don’t really know what spots will be open and happening. So we might as well see some scenic nice places. The best reason we’d have fun is I’m nothing like those jerks from next selection. 🙂 Cheers.

  37. patryk67 said,

    Attractions for you.First to the British Museum.Then to the Buckingham Palace, St. Paul’s Cathedral,Tower Bridge Experience,Madame Tussaud’s,Westminster Abbey,Tower of London,Hyde Park / Kensington Gardens,Shopping (Harrods) in London,
    Big Ben,Covent Garden,Oxford street,London Dungeon,Brick Lane,Piccadilly circus,West end,Greenwich park,10 Downing street,Camden,Stamford bridge,London Zoo,Leicester square,Selfridges,Wembley,Regent’s park,Tate modern,Royal Albert hall,Science museum,and then together in the London Eye 😉

  38. pedropimentel said,

    Well…. To be honest I just accidentally discovered a video of you singing!!! Don’t really know if that actually qualifies me as a big fan, but!!! Being a true music lover and mostly of acoustic stuff I was immediately overwhelmed by your voice and guitar tunes.

    Also, I just noticed that I’m probably out of schedule, but as they say… If you don’t try, you never succeed… In this case… You won’t get this chance of listening to you live! Right!?

    So, if by any means this idea would still be accepted, here it goes….

    We would have to start by having a relaxed breakfast or lunch! Depends on time of day we would start and of course the moods! THis would probably be the most important part of it as it would allow the people to get to know each other and cutting of with all the cerimonies! After all we probably just have a few hours right?

    Ideally I would imagine us getting our hands in some bicycles as I don’t really fancy spending most of the time underground. DOn’t take me wrong. I do love it and recognize it’s value, but I tend to avoid it!

    We would probably start by going down to Portobello market or Camden market! It’s been ages I haven’t been there and there are always good musicians around and I would also love to listen to you talking about your music tastes and preferences. A bit of a cycling along the canal would also be great near Camden!

    We would probably head to Tate modern afterwards as I’m an art fan as well as feeling a bit of an artist as well… So is always inspirational to check what’s around. We would discuss ideas, share experiences, etc. To end up with I would probably go down to a park and listen to you singing a bit! Mostly like an unplugged thing! I thought that Regent Park Queen Mary’s Rose Garden could be a good option as it is quite small and comfy! 🙂 Other wise… THere are so many that we could just go for anyone we like!

    To end up, we would go and have dinner at “The Sarastro” for a very cosy dinner. Not knowing London that well this is probably one of the restaurants I’ve most enjoyed in to have dinner in London.

    In case you don’t know it, just get your feet down there one of this days and I think you might get surprised!! 😀

    Well… That all folks!!

    As a last call… And in case you don’t like the plan, you can always pop down in Cardiff one of this days and we’ll find something to make you smile around here!



  39. andrea28791 said,

    Hello Mia,

    I just saw your video “Falling for you”, which is absolutely great, and I love this song too and your version of it =)
    I know I’m too late for the competition but maybe I have a chance yet.

    Well, I could imagine a day with you in London as follows:
    At first we could visit Madame Tussads, I think its probably interesting and then we can go in “The Capital”. I would likely eat the “Open lasagna of grilled vegetables”. (You will find somehing two, heres a sample ( I haven’t been there so far (in London also not) but I think the menu sounds good. We just have to taste it!
    Then we can take a walk by the Piccadilly Circus, see the Tower of London, Tower Bridge, Big Ben and visit the Westminster Abbey. I always wanted to see the famous sights of London! London is supposable great. After that we could stroll through the Hyde Park and eat ice cream. On a park bench you will play your guitar and sing “I’ve been spendin all my time just thinkin bout you I don’t know what to do I think I’m falling for youuuuuu” =) or you can present your own songs. I’m so curious about seeing you real in frnt of me, you’re a big ideal of me, because you’re so pretty and talented. Maybe you can cover other songs from Katy Perry, Colbie Caillat, Carrie Underwood or Marit Larsen – If a song yould get me you.
    Then the day would be past ahead of schedule.
    I hope my proposal will let you look forward to sunday and I hop you will choose me.
    No matter what happens I will contiinue to watch your videos and stay a fan of you.

    Kind regards, Andrea =)

  40. andrea28791 said,

    sorry I forgot my email adress:

    and I’m 18 years old yeahhh

  41. ricardosj11 said,

    A perfect day out in London with Mia Rose:
    Many beautiful sites to be visited in the vibrant city of London, I would personally go for the London Eye where, if you’ll bring your guitar, you could play a couple songs to 5 of your dear fans : p (my personal favourites ‘Let Go’, ‘Crush’ & ‘Heaven’) and not to mention, get the most awesome view of the city of London. I also think Buckingham Palace is a site that you won’t want to miss out, since it’s one of the most iconic monuments in the city itself, plus it’s a perfect place to take snapshots during the day.

    I would also consider visiting other popular sites such as the different galleries and museums available in London. Plus, If you’ve never been to Madame Tussauds theeen….we’ve got something in common lol, and it’ll be totally awesome to check out the place with you and your fellow fans 😀

    As the time & fun goes by, we’ll definitely grow hungry and my favourite choice of dining would have to be anything Italian or oriental and so, we’ll survey some places for the most suited restaurant. Afterwards, we could all chill and grab some drinks at your favourite cafe and, hopefully, hear you sing a couple of your favourite songs.

    Eventually as the perfect day comes to an end, I’ll leave you with a farewell hug and a Rose to reminisce on the perfect day out in London.

  42. nicofederici said,


    Como soy de Argentina, no tengo la suerte de poder participar, pero igualmente, quiero que sepas mi respuesta:

    Si llegara a ganar un día con vos… no se donde te llevaría, pero yo si se donde estaría… en el paraíso! En lo mas alto del cielo! Contemplando a uno de los angeles mas hermosos que he llegado a conocer, además, tiene una voz que me enamora cada vez que la escucho!

    Bueno, espero que tengas mucho éxito con estos concursos y ojala, algún día, tenga el regalo de poder conocerte personalmente.

    Un beso grande.. Me gusta mucho lo que haces!

    Éxitos… y un beso grande desde Argentina.



  43. barneyy01 said,

    Hi, my name is Elton and here goes my answer…

    Como me expresso melhor em português, vou responder nesta lingua:

    Eu gostaria principalmente de conhecê-la, onde iríamos ou o que faríamos,não faria muita diferença, mas acredito que seria um bom programa tomar um bom café da manhã em algum lugar a beira do rio Tâmisa, e ouvir sua nova música “let go”, caminhar a passos lentos pela praça em frente ao palácio de Buckingham, falando à respeito de seus sonhos, os já realizados e também os que pretende realizar. Nosso almoço poderia ser em algum restaurante de sua preferência, pois o almoço em sua companhia seria maravilhoso seja o que esteja sobre a mesa, com a musica “heaven” de sobremesa. Conhecer o museu britânico durante a tarde e tomar o chá das 17h em algum local próximo tendo como fundo “Without You” na sua maravilhos voz, e terminar o maravilhoso dia com um por do sol no London Eye ouvindo sua voz maravilhosa interpretando “nunca me esqueci de ti”. Isto sim que eu chamo de um dia maravilhoso.

    Thanks Elton

  44. nicofederici said,


    Como soy de Argentina, no tengo la suerte de poder participar, pero igualmente, quiero que sepas mi respuesta:

    Si llegara a ganar un día con vos… no se donde te llevaría, pero yo si se donde estaría… en el paraíso! En lo mas alto del cielo! Contemplando a uno de los angeles mas hermosos que he llegado a conocer, además, tiene una voz que me enamora cada vez que la escucho!

    Bueno, espero que tengas mucho éxito con estos concursos y ojala, algún día, tenga el regalo de poder conocerte personalmente.

    Un beso grande.. Me gusta mucho lo que haces!

    Éxitos… y un beso grande desde Argentina.



  45. teddybear123 said,

    The most importing the e-mail address which I have to forget to put I hope that it is not too late ……

  46. pminak said,

    I REALLY would like to spend a day with you…but i think it would be impossible cz I live in Brazil… I hope someday you come here to show your big talent to us live….
    Love your music, love your voice..Congratulations for your music! You’re the best!
    I’ll try to get your cd now . =D

  47. pedropimentel said,

    I don’t know why… But looks like my comment doesn’t show up to other people!! Strange! I’ll post it again anyway.

    Now I am definitely out of time!! 😀

    October 21, 2009 at 5:33 pm
    Well…. To be honest I just accidentally discovered a video of you singing!!! Don’t really know if that actually qualifies me as a big fan, but!!! Being a true music lover and mostly of acoustic stuff I was immediately overwhelmed by your voice and guitar tunes.

    Also, I just noticed that I’m probably out of schedule, but as they say… If you don’t try, you never succeed… In this case… You won’t get this chance of listening to you live! Right!?

    So, if by any means this idea would still be accepted, here it goes….

    We would have to start by having a relaxed breakfast or lunch! Depends on time of day we would start and of course the moods! THis would probably be the most important part of it as it would allow the people to get to know each other and cutting of with all the cerimonies! After all we probably just have a few hours right?

    Ideally I would imagine us getting our hands in some bicycles as I don’t really fancy spending most of the time underground. DOn’t take me wrong. I do love it and recognize it’s value, but I tend to avoid it!

    We would probably start by going down to Portobello market or Camden market! It’s been ages I haven’t been there and there are always good musicians around and I would also love to listen to you talking about your music tastes and preferences. A bit of a cycling along the canal would also be great near Camden!

    We would probably head to Tate modern afterwards as I’m an art fan as well as feeling a bit of an artist as well… So is always inspirational to check what’s around. We would discuss ideas, share experiences, etc. To end up with I would probably go down to a park and listen to you singing a bit! Mostly like an unplugged thing! I thought that Regent Park Queen Mary’s Rose Garden could be a good option as it is quite small and comfy! Other wise… THere are so many that we could just go for anyone we like!

    To end up, we would go and have dinner at “The Sarastro” for a very cosy dinner. Not knowing London that well this is probably one of the restaurants I’ve most enjoyed in to have dinner in London.

    In case you don’t know it, just get your feet down there one of this days and I think you might get surprised!!

    Well… That all folks!!

    As a last call… And in case you don’t like the plan, you can always pop down in Cardiff one of this days and we’ll find something to make you smile around here!



  48. pipzzz said,

    Gostava de saber o que achas te do video em Banda Desenhada.. ja que nao ganhei 😡

    Beijinho de Lisboaaaaa xx

  49. patriesjaa said,


    I really love your song, and I would like to get on your mailinglist,
    and I tried a few times, but everytime the computer says that I insert an invalid code, it doesn’t work. Can you maybe help me out?


  50. bodypaintcostarica said,

    LATE ENTRY!!! jajajajaja sorry, I ussually dont follow up this things because take a lot of time and we are extremely busy in production this time of the year (halloween is always our bussiest date). As I am already out of the date I´ll just tell you where I would have taken you in London to share a day, which are places that probably NOBODY will take you in a tour trip, but what can I do? I am not normal and I thank God for that…

    Early morning a quick breakfast cause we have to run and rent a little Smart to drive arround, then to the public market to find and see “what you don´t see of London in books”, flea market would also work nice for me… Soundtrack for you to sing: “come into my world by Kylie Minogue” jajajaja

    Then go to the McLaren Formula 1 Car Factory to see how they made the 64 most wanted cars in the world, one of them we used in the production of a calendar this year that you can see at my facebook videos at Soundtrack: “I love Rock and Roll!!!”

    Then I would suggest sushi and tea (english style of course, jajajajaja). Dont like the tour so far? So then “Beutiful Disaster” (which I love) would be the best song, jajajaajaja

    Afternoon to the Neill Gorton´s prosthetic studio where they make the best special effects film productions for Europe!! Good friends of mine and a VERY interesting place to see how creativity becomes live. Soundtrack: “escapade” by Janet Jackson.

    Then drive back to the hotel and get ready for either a good concert or to visit the Opera House (my brother is a singer as well at Dusseldorf´s Opera at Germany so I kind of like those things, check him:

    After that I am ready for you to sing “release me” by Wilson Phillips jajajajajaja and close with the very first song I heard from you which made me belive you are the cuttest thing I´ve seen in life: “missing you”

    A little kiss on the forehead and well be both back in our totally different lives… 😉

    Thanks for spending time reading all this, sorry I was late… take care, Bye.


  51. applejuiceishere said,

    I can’t seem to think of a better way to spend a day in London than to take a full tour of the London Theatre with you and even playing an acoustic song each in the empty theatre to take in the amazing sound and feeling of that stage.

    Thant being said, music has always been my biggest love and hobby. Your songs and voice are inspiring and amazing to say the least. I can’t wait to see you make your way to the top.

    Maybe see you in London?!

  52. boomdigga102 said,

    It’s a bit late but the only real way to spend a day in London would be to just walk and see where it takes you. Generally i’d start at Tottenham Court Road and work my way through Soho, Leicester Square, Covent Garden and then just let my feet decide for me. Or alternately we could start at Liverpool Street Station and go to Old Spitalfields market which would also pose as a place for lunch but with brick lane only a 5 minute walk away, how could you pass up a famous salt beef beigel?!

    In all truthfulness, I don’t think I could sum up an entire day in London as there are far too many things to do and see. Far too many places to discover and explore.

  53. sammii55 said,

    Hiya Mia, Unfortunately for me i’m Australian and obviously cannot travel to London just to have lunch with you but i must say such an amazing voice and i know you will succeed and become huge.
    If i was to choose a song for you to sing for me it would be “Better Together-Jack Johnson” enjoy it, i think you might 🙂 i hope you could record something like this for me and your many fans, Take care and keep doing what your doing Mia.

  54. sammii55 said, my Email by the way.

  55. romec226 said,

    A perfect day in London would be, Me and you, sight seeing, taking pictures, and having a great time. Or if you had anything you would like to do in London, we could do that. There is this one restaurant which seems enjoyable. It is called “Stef’s.” Its an Italian restaurant, In which im hoping you like Italian food, please like Italian If you were to bring your guitar, some songs that interest me are, “Patience” by Guns and Roses. or “Amazing Love” by the Newsboys…Who knows it could possibly end up being a love story, all I hope is that you say, yes.

  56. a0stranger said,

    Well …first of all i found out about u about 15 min ago….and i must say…amazing voice….i hope u will become a wellknown singer….beautifull eyes and very sweet smile ,but enough about me..(jokeing 😉 ) and second i must warn u that my english isn’t so good… About the contest to be honest i dont really have the time or money to come to england alltough i would like to spend a day with u there.

    hmmm…. a day with u …well first i would take u to the colloseum and after that a ride with gondola but since london dosen’t have this things i will just take u to a park nearby…..first i will indroduce myself to u in a very clumsy way of course,after that u will think i’m a little qute,i’ll tell u that i’m from Romania and the only things u will know about my country would be Dracula and Nadia Comaneci.After that i will take u to Aubergine restaurant where we would have a glass of wine and some potatos…..or just wine….depends of how much it will cost me …at the end we will play rock paper scissors to see who pays the bill…After all of this it will be about 2 pm or maybe 2:05 with delays ,then we will take a ride with the bus to see the British Museum.after we are done with this we would go somwhere very remote under a tree just when the sun goes done and u will sing me the songs u promised…..i would like to here this one and if i wont upset u by asking to play some other guy’s song this one….at the and i will play u a song at guitar the only song i know to play at guitar( for the moment at least) HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU. i know to play it slow or fast (rock and roll) i think it’s called tempo 😀 after all off this i will make u a bunch of flowers from the wild flowers around and give it to you……and then i’ll go walking in slowmotion and wind passing trough my hair(wich by the way is short) THE END

    Seriously now…i dont know how a day with u would be….i dont like to make plans… i think life is more beautifull when we dont make plans for it….just meet and togheter decide……..

    and at the end but not the last if there’s a second prize for this(since i canot come to london) something like “we’ll keep in touch” or ” a day or two with Mia Rose on msn” i would gladly take it…just to change some words….anyways good look with your career,never give up…like i said : “amazing voice,beautifull eyes and very sweet smile ”

    Nick 22

  57. a0stranger said,

    i forgot about the email

  58. andrewwang001 said,

    If you were to come to the United States, maybe I can take you out to a park nearby where I live. You would not have to do any singing or bring your guitar with you. Maybe I’ll run and jump around on grassy fields and sing “Bet On It” from High School Musical 2, sung by Zac Efron. This song has the phrase “Let Go” in the beginning verse of the song.

    I can sing “Bet On It” and do all the dance moves to the song very well, just as well as the way Zac Efron does it.

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