My new single is out right here, right now!!!

December 2, 2009 at 1:51 pm (Uncategorized)

Hi, as promised my new Christmas single is now for sale right here on my own Online Store RIGHT NOW!!!!

There are three different ways you can buy:

  1. The individual tracks “What Would Christmas Be Like” and “Fallin’ For You” can be bought separately for £0.79 each
  2. Get both tracks for just £1.50, which saves you a little bit of money.
  3. For £2.25 you can both tracks PLUS  the video, shot in Brazil, for “What Would Christmas Be Like”. The video is exclusive to my online store, and this package saves you even more money.
  4. The more you buy the more you save!

When you buy anything from my online store you automatically join my mailing list, so we can keep in touch.

In advance, thanks for buying my music and supporting everything I do, and have a very very special Christmas. And don’t forget to spread the word!



  1. edumrocha said,


    This video left me breathless… The “blend” of your voice and Rio de Janeiro seems to be something like entering in heaven!! Hope you come back to Brazil, next time for concerts and tv shows. xxx! Edu Machado

  2. bpcofny said,

    Nice song…I try to buy it, but your site would not register me. It says invalid verification code for the many times I try. Will your songs be available in iTunes or Amazon?

  3. imfrenzysofie said,

    Girl your music is breathtaking! You have such a beautiful voice!
    I wrote a blog about you on (a social networking/blog site just for girls!) Check it out!
    Sofie (Houston Texas USA)

  4. bpcofny said,

    I try today…it still does not work. Can you just send me a registered user name and password so that I can buy the song online? My email address is Thanks

  5. egosumjaime said,

    Hey Mia!

    Love your new Christmas single, just added the Youtube vid to my blog aswell! I am absolutely in love with your voice. Carry on the good work! Não te esqueças de cantar em Português também! 🙂 Beijo*

  6. egosumjaime said,

    Forgot to say! Feliz Natal!!!! 😛

  7. jaaneek said,

    I would like to write on start that it is weak my english as I am from poland . 🙂 I would like to write it that you have beautiful voice and I like your songs hearing 🙂 I love your all songs 🙂 Words are not here wanted 🙂 Your songs say about it. I wish farthest progress in career. Good night . There is late already. Go sleeping. bye bye 🙂

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