Will YOU be Joining me to watch a Disney screening?

December 4, 2009 at 5:44 pm (Uncategorized)

As promised, here’s another competition! 🙂

My good friends at Disney have invited me to a special screening of their new film release “The Princess and the Frog” next Tuesday. And here’s the good news I’m allowed to bring three special fans with me!

So to enter this competition what you will need to do is this:

Send an email to infomiarose@gmail.com, with  “The Princess and the Frog competition” as the subject, and provide us with the following information:

1. Name
2. Age
3. Email Address
4. Your mobile number (so we can contact you)
5. Your Address

To enter this competition you have to be 18 years old or older, live in Greater London, and able to get to Hammersmith Tube Station by 6.15 on Tuesday the 8th December.

The winners will be chosen at random and the closing date of this competition is 18:00 GMT Sunday the 6th of Decemeber 2009.

Get sending me your emails now,  and I hope to see you there!


  1. bizoruthecat said,

    My mind is thinking about your beauty
    I just cant believe that a woman as pretty as you could have
    A soft and charm voice

    Romeo would be happy with the beauty
    Of Mia Rose – Angel
    Say that you’re like a dream,
    Everywhere when you sing is like i hear the voice of angels.

  2. bizoruthecat said,

    Let me know if you liked it, cobraperigosa@hotmail.com a fan of you!

  3. hellencristin said,

    Hey I watched your video (what would christmas be like?) and i really like it. I admire you for pursuing your dream. When i first saw the video and then later when i read the comments I instantly assumed that you were Brazilian (and you look it); however after wikipeding you now i know you’re English, and you have Portuguese parents, i think? ehhe well anyways as soon as i thought you were Brazilian i felt really proud to have a Brazilian be coming up in this industry not only in Brazil (because of your video shot in Rio) but also here in the U.S. so I immideatelly thought that I should help you. I thought I could definitely hook her up here where i live in Atlanta, Ga, USA; where there’s a great Brazilian population. “Hook her up” meaning i could talk to the brazilian producers here who always brings famous people from Brazil to sing here, and that would be great for getting your name out there here in the US. Or the other option is that it’s really easy to book a place here in atlanta (local bands do it all the time), that would be another option. Of course, all that came to me as soon as I watched your video and before I knew you were not Brazilian; nonetheless, it would still be a great opportunity for you, i would love to help you. If you are interested just let me know. I also share the same dream as you and someday i will be able to start following it too. 🙂 hope you get this. tudo de bom bj. hcoliveira5@gmail.com

  4. aricv said,

    Hi Mia, I’m Ariadna Corbí from Catalonia, Spain. My dad, Rafel Corbí, listened to your song “What would Christmas be like” a few days ago, and he found it so lovely. He works in a local radio (Ràdio Palafrugell), and he told me he’d like to play your song on the radio this Christmas. Please, could you send him your song in mp3 format? I give you his email, which is rafelcorbi@yahoo.es
    Thanks for everything, and don’t stop singing please!
    xxx 🙂

    Ariadna Corbí.

  5. suezinho said,

    Você é simplesmente linda, eu achei você muito perfeita, seu jeito, sua voz, sua beleza interna que se exterioriza em suas expressões, definitivamente virei seu fãn, queria saber se uma dia consegueria falar com você pelo msn, ou por outro meio, seja um email… adorei o clip, adoro você;; ah não sei nem mais explicar.
    Beijos =* se der me add no msn suezinho@hotmail.com
    se puder me diz seu email..

  6. Bruno said,

    Mia PArabens pelo trabalho e sucesso … vc é demais hehe bjao

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